Nepenthes hybrids are created when two species of the same genus are bred together.  The offspring show traits from both parents and they are usually easier to grow.  The hybrids we sell are selectively bred for size, color, and ease of growing. Our catalog consists of our own in-house creations, as well as stock from the world’s leading Nepenthes breeders! You never know what traits will show in the offspring. This gives one a chance to own something spectacular and unique for your collection!

Many hobbyists and collectors grow exceptional specimens in their homes and greenhouses. They can acclimate to lower humidity levels around the 60% range, although the best results will be seen around 75% and higher. Hybrids love growing indoors under LED lights or T5 fixtures. As long as you keep them evenly moist and give them bright, indirect light, they should thrive.  Hybrids are great for beginners! Check out our Nepenthes Hybrids for sale below

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