Redleaf Exotics offers rare, seed grown Nepenthes species for sale!

The genus Nepenthes is made up of roughly 180 species. Endemic to Southeast Asia, they grow anywhere from lowland jungles to cool highland forests. Nepenthes species can be more specific in their cultivation requirements.

Highland Nepenthes species are more demanding because they come from areas with cool night time drops. This can be difficult in warmer climates. They prefer days below 83F. Cool nights between 53-63F are essential for them to thrive. Lowland species prefer warmer conditions. They grow best with  days in the mid to high 80’s.  Temperatures should remain above 65F at all times. They have a higher metabolic rate so they need the warmth for their fast growth.

In addition, species require higher humidity and don’t acclimate as easy as hybrids. They are very rewarding when their conditions are met. Read our care tips to see which species are best for your conditions. Check out our latest Nepenthes species for sale below.

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