Nepenthes are carnivorous plants that are mainly native to the Malay Archipelago. The genus compromises over 170 species, with many discoveries made in the 20th century. They also go by the name monkey cups, hanging pitcher plants, and tropical pitcher plants. The soils they grow in are nutrient-poor. They have evolved modified leaves to lure, capture, and digest prey. These leaves are how the plants obtain nitrogen, one of the vital compounds for plant growth.

Most Nepenthes produce two or three types of pitchers. Most start as a rosette, with compact growth and ground pitchers. These are usually larger, very colorful, and attract terrestrial invertebrates, sometimes small mammals. As the plants mature, they start vining, and the pitcher morphology changes. Tendrils for and clasp onto nearby vegetation, securing the vine in place. The pitchers produced on the vining stem usually become more diminutive, less colorful, and attract different prey. Some species, such as Nepenthes hemsleyana and N. lowii, have symbiotic relationships with mammals. The plants provide shelter or sweet nectar, and in return, the pitchers collect the nutrients from their feces. Some species contain pitcher organisms found nowhere else! 


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Nepenthes for sale


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Nepenthes for sale at Redleaf Exotics.

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