Nepenthes Breeding Program


Hi Growers, this is Domonick Gravine! I wanted to share our Nepenthes breeding program and give you an idea of what’s to come! We are working hard to selectively breed our Nepenthes for size, color and unusual features. Who doesn’t need more bizarre Nepenthes?!

Collectors and plant growers around the globe are constantly looking for larger pitchers and more dramatic peristomes! Here at Redleaf Exotics, our Nepenthes breeding program concentrates on the most desirable traits for your collections! Species are special, but seed grown Nepenthes hybrids give you a chance to own something nobody else has and everybody wants!

STRIPES, COLOR AND DRAMA! What’s not to love?

Let’s face it, nothing compares to walking into a Nepenthes greenhouse and setting your eyes on a huge peristome loaded with vibrant stripes! Nepenthes veitchii is without a doubt, one of my favorite species! The greenhouse is loaded with all types of veitchii hybrids, from primary to some so complex its comical to recite the name. They’ve always been some of my favorites, producing fuzzy features with very large peristomes with dazzling stripes. 

Some of our breeding plants have exceptional traits that we are combining to produce even more dramatic peristomes on easier to grow plants. You can see the two parents in the images and how they compliment each other. Because they both have such intense striping and large peristomes, I’m hoping to see these traits shine through in their offspring! The larger the peristome, the better!

Pictured above, N. (glandulifera x veitchii) x (spectabilis x veitchii) is another creation we have growing on. Although the parents have thinner peristomes, the double veitchii and striping should produce some pleasing results!


We are also working on producing desirable traits on faster growing plants. I believe that breeding lowland Nepenthes into our intermediate/highland plants will allow us to produce stunning pitchers, hardy plants, and with faster growth. You can see another one of our newer hybrids in the images below.

N. {(ventricosa x sibuyanensis) x } x mirabilis var. globosa was created back in January and it’s currently the fastest growing of all our seedlings. The first thing to note on this combination is the rich pitcher coloration, followed by the squat pitcher form. We expect deep reds on most of these plants with ease of growth. Because vent x sib is very dominant in it’s crosses, it shoudl come through in the lip. Our mirabilis hybrids have been rushing to grow up and we have a few more in the works. You can see the offspring below. They are all showing great color at a very small size! In addition, the foliage will be pretty colorful too:)

N. x (mirabilis x ampullaria ‘Black Miracle’) is another one of our complex x lowland hybrids. The male is dark and squat, therefore we we expect this to translate into some of the offspring as they mature. Secondly, the RB x V should add some very unique shape to the peristomes and striping. These and many more unique lowland crosses will be available in 2020. We can’t wait to share!


Ever since I was a little boy, Exotica Plants has inspired my passion for Nepenthes! Geoff and Andrea Mansell are the world leaders in Nepenthes hybridization and the amount of top tier crosses they have created this far is unbelievable! It’s doesn’t hurt that they have 13 hours of sunlight a day and can, but they really have an eye for mixing the absolute best combinations! Over the years, I have watched their hybrids grow up and have observed how certain traits can be so dominant from certain plants. I've seen many growers give their own attempts at creating hybrids, but none of them shine like Exotica's creations.  

There are many potential hybrids we have had to pass on because we believe the traits wouldn’t bring out the best in the offspring. I can be VERY picky about who I want to cross. Above all, complimentary traits are important! Creating hybrids is like having a blank canvas and your plants are your colored paints. I walk around the greenhouse for hours pondering my choices. Of course all Nepenthes are beautiful, but we want to go above and beyond! Thanks to Exotica's top shelf ingredients, we are able to take their visions even further with our own creations. This allows us to bring the highest quality traits and our fresh perspective to the US commercial market.

When it comes to Nepenthes hybrids, we here at Redleaf Exotics are striving for dramatic coloration, massive peristomes, and otherworldly traits. I hope this article has peaked your imagination. I look forward to providing you with even more Nepenthes juice, stay tuned!

Thanks growers,

Domonick Gravine

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