Nepenthes Hybrid Spotlight!

Nepenthes hybrid: x Sabre ‘Dark Cherry’

Created by Exotica Plants, the world’s top Nepenthes nursery, this hybrid has been showing some very rigid peristomes on strong growing plants! The female parent produces a large flared lip so we expect these to get very dramatic as they mature! They really stand out amongst Exotica’s best tropical pitcher plant hybrids. Check out these plants in the images…they are still babies:)

You can really see the Nepenthes x Trusmadiensis from Nepenthes ‘Sabre’ parent coming through in the peristome ribbing. In addition, the veitchii shows in the flare! Nepenthes macrophylla deep in there, but it’s certainly shining through! Some are more dramatic than others, but we love them all! The image below shows a close up of our favorite variant in the greenhouse! We just love Exotica Plant’s creations because you never really know how bizarre they will turn out! They selectively choose the genes, as a result the offspring show prime characteristics!

Nepenthes  x Sabre 'Dark Cherry'

Our Grow Conditions.

As far as grow conditions, this hybrid grows well in intermediate conditions. Because there are so many parents it has a wider tolerance for different temperatures and humidity. Our day time temperatures are 80-85F and hover around 70F during the summer. Ours days are 75-80F and nights go down to 57/60F during winter.

The humidity in our greenhouses is always above 70% because the plants seem to do best above this level. We use misting systems, evaporative wet walls and shade cloth to keep things cool and happy.

The greenhouse is covered with 70% Aluminet, which reflects heat, but still allows quite a bit of light in!

Nepenthes love bright indirect light and high humidity for good color and size!

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