Nepenthes lowii x Mixta : Spotlight video

Another great creation from Exotica Plants, Nepenthes lowii x Mixta produces stunning pitchers! Like most lowii hybrids the upper pitchers have elongate mouths and deep red coloration. Both the lower and upper pitchers produce lid hairs and sweet exudate. It does well in typical intermediate conditions with a bi-weekly application of fertilizer used at 1/4 strength. We only apply this during our growing season from March-October. We give this plant bright indirect light and only give it reverse osmosis water.

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Check out our spotlight video on Nepenthes lowii x Mixta and other Nepenthes on our Youtube channel.

Nepenthes are primarily native to Southeast Asia.  There are roughly 180 species, with many recently discovered in the 20th century. They grow anywhere from hot, sticky jungles to chill mountain tops high above the clouds. Tho Nepenthes were once thought to be difficult to grow, this is far from the truth. Most plants have adapted to cultivation quite well and the hobby is growing quickly. In fact, most tropical pitcher plants species and hybrids will thrive indoors between 60 and85 degrees Fahrenheit. Check out our Nepenthes care tips here.  For an in depth look at different species and their temperature requirements take a look at this guide.