Grow Tips

Nepenthes Care Guide:

I have been growing Nepenthes for almost 20 years. I have grown on windowsills, outdoors and in greenhouses. The information I provide is intended as a guide and every grower has to experiment to find out what works best in their grow conditions. That being said, Nepenthes come from tropical Indonesia and surrounding areas. They can be found in hot humid jungles or high up in cool mountain forests. Nepenthes appreciate bright light, air movement and high humidity.

Highland plants grow on top of  mountain ridges and scrubby hillsides, where they experience warm days and cool nights. There is plenty of moisture in the air and  bright light.

The lowland plants come from more stable areas around sea level where it’s hot and humid and the soils tend to be more sandy.

Depending on the parentage, hybrids grow in a wide variety of conditions and are usually more flexible with all growing requirements.


Lowland plants usually  have thinner leaves and love very high humidity around 70/90% and constant warm temperatures to thrive. If temperatures go below 60 the plants can suffer retarded growth/burn.

Daytime temps: 80F/85F

Nighttime temps: 65F/85F

Species that grow in a wider range of temperatures are considered intermediate growers. In example, Nepenthes veitchii can be grown with highland and lowland with great success. Usually best for windowsill growing.

Daytime temps: 75F/80F 

Nighttime temps: 55F/65F 

Plants under this group come from high elevations and are some of the most spectacular!  In short, these plants love very bright light and cool, breezy air with lots of moisture

Daytime temps: 75F/80F

Nighttime temps: 50F/55F
(required for long-term success)