In addition to offering our in-house creations, Redleaf Exotics sources the best tropical pitcher plant species and hybrids from around the globe! Our Nepenthes pre-order hosts some of our favorite vendors like Exotica Plants, Christian Klein, YS Exotics and others. We usually have pre-orders and few times a year and the plants sell out fast! Redleaf Exotics has been importing Nepenthes for over 10 years, so we make sure your plants get through customs to your door smoothly. Make sure to join because who doesn’t need more nepenthes in their life?!

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11/02 @ 2PM CST!

Exotica Plants is the world leader in Nepenthes hybridization and their plant size and quality is unmatched! We are their exclusive vendor and import from them twice a year. If you love rare, seed grown Nepenthes, join our current pre-order!

Redleaf Exotics is your source for Nepenthes for sale! We are a carnivorous plant nursery located in Morrison, TN USA. We specialize in Nepenthes species and Nepenthes hybrids!

Redleaf Exotics is the USA’s exclusive vendor for the worlds greatest Nepenthes Nursery! Providing some of the rarest and most desired Nepenthes for sale!  We import plants Exotica Plants Australia, Christian Klein and others. Our Nursery offers some of the largest Nepenthes specimens available and the latest hybrids to date! Check out our youtube channel for videos spotlights on some of our favorite Nepenthes