Nepenthes Photos: Guessing contest!

Guess the names of the Nepenthes photos!

To start off the new year, we are going to play a Nepenthes photos guessing game! There will be FREE NEPENTHES involved! Each player can guess as many times as they choose. As long as the puzzle isn’t solved, the contest will remain open! We will pick 2 winners! The first to solve the puzzle and the player who follows with the most amount of correct answers. We will check back Friday, Jan 10!


Below we have separated the full Nepenthes names by female and male parents. In the comments below list your guesses from 1 (the first image) to 20 (last image). The parents can be used more than once and multiple images can be the same hybrid or a different variant. For instance, one guess could be bicalcarata x… even though you’ve used the parent, there may be another plant with bicalcarata as the female.


2 seedlings of our in-house creations: N. x x and a veitchii (m) x


Austin F and Dilan both had the most plant names correct. Thanks for joining and stay tuned for more!

Female Nepenthes Parents (1st)

  • stenophylla x lowii
  • veitchii
  • bellii x veitchii
  • maxima
  • eustachya x mollis
  • rowaniae x ampullaria
  • ‘Hookeriana’
  • ventricosa x sibuyanensis
  • lowii x veitchii) x boschiana
  • eymae
  • truncata
  • truncata x (eymae x veitchii)
  • lowii
  • ventricosa

Male Nepenthes Parents (2nd)

  • ‘Rokko’ x veitchii
  • truncata x ‘Trusmaidiensis’
  • maxima x }
  • Rokko x Mollis
  • veitchii
  • (veitchii x maxima) x spectabilis
  • (stenophylla x lowii) x (Rokko x veitchii)
  • ‘Trusmadiensis’
  • truncata x ephippiata
  • lowii x spectabilis
  • eymae
  • ventricosa x ‘Tiveyi’
  • ephippiata
  • truncata
  • (ventricosa x sibuyanensis) x merrilliana
  • truncata {maxima x }


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