Exotica Plants Import November 2019

Exotica Plants import at Redleaf Exotics!

Redleaf Exotics is the exclusive vendor in the USA for Exotica Plants, the world’s greatest Nepenthes Nursery based in Queensland, Australia. We have been importing from them for years now and it’s the most exciting Nepenthes event there is! The Exotica Plants import starts as a pre-order we hold on our site in March and October. The plants are a mixture of large, mature specimen plants, cuttings, and new releases. The shipment arrives to us a couple weeks after we place our order. It’s better than Christmas when the plants arrive. They are usually in perfect condition and the size and quality is crazy!

If you LOOOVE Nepenthes, Exotica Plants provides us with the best! Join our Imports and you’ll agree! Their seed grown plant and giant specimens are sure to stand out in your collection. Redleaf Exotics is your source for the Nep juice and we look forward to supplying your collections!

Check out this unboxing video of our Exotica Plants Import November 2019!

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