N.( Rokko ‘Exotica’ x boschiana) x platychila ‘EP’ LIMITED

N.( Rokko ‘Exotica’ x boschiana) x platychila ‘EP’ LIMITED


Most hybrids Exotica creates with their Rokko ‘Exotica’ x boschiana turn into trophies! You can see the parents in the last image and as this one matures the characteristics will shine through with each new pitcher. The platychila parent gives this hybrid a lot of promise for unique upper pitchers with flared, striped peristomes! The color and smooth peristomes is great on these already:)

 Exact plant as seen in the images. Last image shows the parents used.  4+ inches in diameter. Seed grown. 


Greenhouse hardened. This plant prefers intermediate conditions.  It should be kept between 75-85F  in the day and would appreciate cooler nights in the 60’s.  Nepenthes can acclimate to lower humidity levels, although the best results will be seen in 70-80% range. Bright, indirect light. 


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