Philodendron spiritus sancti - variegated #1

Philodendron spiritus sancti - variegated #1

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A variegated form of the species created right here!


DNA TESTED PURE. We guarantee variegation on the next few leaves) 

If the seedlings we produced weren't exciting enough, we were able to isolate a few variagated individuals of this remarkable species! There is no doubt that this is by far one of the rarest Aroids the market and this is the first time in the world a seed-grown variegated Philodendron spiritus sancti are being offered!

This seedling is showing great promise at a small size! The next leaf is showing white markings as well and you can see how our larger ones are looking.  We guarantee variegation on the next few leaves. We are not responsible if the plant reverts later on. 

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Once it leaves our facility, we are not responsible for lost/damaged parcels. 

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