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H. minor

Red Leaf Exotics
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Heliamphora minor is native to  Auyán-tepui in Venezuela. It's one of the smallest growing of the genus. Heliamphora minor is one of the most popular species in cultivation.


The genus Heliamphora is contains 23 or so species endemic to the Guiana highlands of Venezuela. All species are endemic to isolated mountain ranges known as the Tepuis.  These sandstone formations are also called the table mountains, and each one is isolated from the jungles below. The weather can be cold and rainy, but when the sun comes out the light is very strong.


Heli is from the Greek word helios, meaning “sun’, so they also go by the name sun pitcher plants, marsh pitcher plants or south american pitcher plants. They secret a sweet nectar which attract prey, mainly small insects. The pitchers are covered in fine downward facing hairs that direct prey deeper inside. These hairs make escaping impossible. The insects tire and fall into the plants digestive fluid. Enzymes break down and absorb the nutrients.

Heliamphora are mainly highland plants. They prefer cool days around 75/83F and night time drops near 55-60F for success. The plants handle warmer temperatures quite well given the humidity is very high. Because they require a lot of light, many growers have great success indoors with LED and T5 grow lights. Moist, bright, and good airflow is key.


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Heliamphora minor is a south american pitcher plant native to Auyán-tepui in Venezuela. As the name states, it’s one of the smallest growing species in the genus and they make great specimens for small terrariums or those with limited grow space. We find the species handles warmer temperatures quite well. Small divisions from our stock plant.


The image shows the divisions we are offering.  2-3+ inches in diameter. TC


Intermediate/Highland conditions. 8o% and higher relative humidity. Very bright light. RO/Distilled water.