N. vogelii (small)

n. vogelii
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N. vogelii (small)


Nepenthes vogelii is endemic to Borneo and closely related to nepenthes fusca, but much more appealing in our opinion! It’s an easy intermediate grower and the uppers are truly fascinating!

3+ inch seedlings. The main image shows a mature lower pitcher.  Shipped in a pot. Seed-grown.



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N. vogelii CK

A seed-grown species imported from Germany.

This plant prefers intermediate conditions.  It should be kept between 78-84F  in the day and benefits from cooler nights in the ’60s.  Nepenthes can acclimate to lower humidity levels, although the best results will be seen in the 70-80% range. Bright, indirect light, and pure water. 


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