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Are you looking to buy a special plant for someone and you’re not sure which one to pick? Every plant nerd wants to pick and choose what they want to grow in their collection. Trust us we know! Redleaf Exotics Nepenthes gift cards save you time and allow the grower to do the decision making. Say I love you and let the grower do the shopping!

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Nepenthes are carnivorous plants that are mainly native to Malay Archipelago. The genus is made up of roughly 170 species, with many discoveries made in the 20th century. They also go by the name monkey cups, hanging pitcher plants, and tropical pitcher plants.  The soils they grow in are nutrient poor and their modified leaves have evolved to lure, capture and digest prey. This supplements the plants need for nitrogen, one of the vital compounds for plant growth.

Most Nepenthes produce two or three types of pitchers. The plants start out as a rosette. This compact growth forms ground pitchers. These are usually larger, very colorful and attract terrestrial invertebrates, sometimes small mammals. As the plants mature, they start to vine and the pitcher morphology changes. Tendrils for and clasp onto nearby vegetation. This secures the vine in place. The pitchers produced on the vining stem usually become more diminutive, less colorful and attract different prey.

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