Nepenthes northiana


Nepenthes northiana was discovered in the late 18th century and became famous by Marianne North, the first illustrator of the species. It grows at lowland altitudes between 0-500 m above sea level. It produces large pitchers that range from green to pink and deep red. Nepenthes northiana is a must-have for anyone with stable conditions to care for it.

Origin: Bau, Sarawak Borneo

Altitude: 0-500m

Conditions: ultra-Lowland

Our tips: Nepenthes northiana grows in limestone substrates in situ, but we find it’s not necessary for successful cultivation. We grow ours in 40:60 long-fiber sphagnum and perlite. They don’t like wet feet and a good draining mix is essential. We would describe our light as bright shade. Too much can easily burn the leaves. It appreciates warm lowland conditions never dipping below 65F for long periods of time. Day temperatures between 84-88 seem to work well for us. Nepenthes northiana resents humidity fluctuations. A relative humidity level of 80% and higher at all times promote large colorful pitchers. Consistency is key with this one.

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